Nice Beaches that also offers Diving & Snorkling possibilities


Fisherman shoot the breeze at one end of the beach and work on their boats, while visitors of the beach enjoy barbecues and calm water at the other end— a typical Curaçao beach scene. Daaibooi beach is located in the Willibrordus area. A pretty dive— look for numerous types of sponges, star corals, pillar corals, brain corals, elkhorn corals, and gorgonians as well as lots of typical reef fish.


Lowerhouse/Kas abou
Fine white sand covers this large beach. A true vacationing day can be spent here relaxing without a lot of rugged adventure. The Lower House (also called Kas Abou) site is located in front of Kas Abou beach, a picturesque, well maintained beach with full facilities and plenty of shade. The slope is rich in marine life.


Playa Jerami
Fishing boats pulled up onto the tiny beach add local charm. Playa Jeremi is located just past Soto and Lagun, with a beach covered with coarse sand and volcanic stones. Explore the wall to find large heads of mountainous star coral, orange cup corals, trumpet fish and a lot of typical reef fish and other sea creatures.


Playa Lagun
Rocky cliffs adorn the sides of this little cove, fishing boats rest on the sand. A favorite site for divers and snorkelers alike, Playa Lagun is accessible and easy to find and located right in the village of Lagun. Reef fish are plentiful along the cliffs and at the drop-off, where you will also see healthy coral coverage and large sponges


Playa Piskado/Playa Forti
Located in the village of Westpunt, both sites offer easy accessibility. Playa Piscad├│ ("Fisherman's Beach") is a typical local beach with nets spread out on the sand, small fishing boats pulled up on shore and fishermen shooting the breeze at the snack. Descend to the reef, but beware of occasional strong and unpredictable currents.


Playa Kalki/Alice in Wonderland


Playa Kenepa & Playa Grandi



Other Activities in the Neighbourhood


The caves of Hato


Christoffel Park


Curaçao Sea Aquarium


Shete Boka National Park